Stacker AI.

We offer a cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning protocol that is transforming the hedge fund landscape. We integrate chart patterns, tokenomics, and market data to identify profitable trades. Our software adapts to market shifts automatically, guaranteeing daily revenue with minimal oversight.

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Trading Pattern Recognition

AI-driven automated trading focused on pattern detection and price shifts.

Trading Pattern Recognition

Utilizing cutting-edge AI algorithms, this method automates trading decisions by meticulously scanning for distinct patterns in trading. It identifies noteworthy price movements, irregularities in trade volumes, and sudden shifts in the number of holders.

Financial Sentiment Analysis

Financial sentiment analysis using text data from news and social media for market insights.

Financial Sentiment Analysis

These modules systematically evaluate text data derived from news sources and social media platforms. By doing so, they measure the prevailing market sentiment, enabling the adjustment of risk profiles in alignment with the observed sentiment trends.

Market Abnormalities

AI uses historical data to predict market opportunities and adjust expectations.

Market Abnormalities

By harnessing the power of historical data, the AI is equipped to forecast present market opportunities. This sophisticated process allows for the manipulation of expectations autonomously, without the need for manual oversight.

On-Chain Analysis

Blockchain scanning for profitable wallets and detecting bad actors.

On-Chain Analysis

Through continuous scanning of the blockchain, this method identifies wallets that present profitable opportunities. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in pinpointing bad actors, ensuring that trade positions are more accurate and safeguarded from potential threats.

Risk & Portfolio Management

AI-driven risk and portfolio management with predictive modeling.

Risk & Portfolio Management

With the aid of AI-powered predictive modeling, this system proactively identifies possible risks within a portfolio. It evaluates the probability of certain events occurring and, based on this analysis, initiates appropriate adjustments to ensure optimal risk management.


About Us

A realm where artificial intelligence significantly impacts quantitative trading, utilizes algorithms to analyze extensive financial data. In response to the growing complexity and volume of financial data, Stacker AI employs advanced AI methods to deliver nuanced insights, enhancing data understanding.



Total Supply.

On tax %

On both buy and sell transactions, to power the ecosystem.

the $stack token:


This functionality acts as a multi-faceted investment vehicle. Not only does it serve as a medium for investment, but it also provides its holders with exclusive access to advanced technology. Additionally, individuals holding this utility are entitled to special rewards.


There is a standard 3% tax imposed on every transaction, whether it’s a purchase or a sale. This ensures a consistent tax framework for all transactional activities.

community invesment fund

This fund was made for the community to also be able to leverage the platform and increase liquidity in our platform and increase profitable opportunities.

user access

Stacker offers individuals the opportunity to utilize its Quant trading system. Two options are available for access: users can either pay a fee based on the profits they generate or gain free access by maintaining a balance of $STACK tokens in their holdings.



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